Why You’re Not Giving Your Hair Enough Attention

We have all heard stories from our grandmothers on how much they used to take care of their hair. Mines often told me about how she had to tie her hair in two separate braids and then spend two hours hanging her braids over a clothesline just so that she could dry it. It is amazing when you think about the attention they used give their hair and the pride they took in maintaining it.

Our lifestyles now are understandably very different from our grandmas since we spend our entire day rushing from one place to the next in order to get things done and then get home only to collapse on our beds. We don’t have the time to give the same care and attention to our hair, yet we wonder why are hair is dry and lifeless.

You cannot expect to have long, healthy, soft hair if you just use a hair growth Shampoo and a conditioner, and maybe a protein mask whenever you remember it. Our hair follicles and our scalp need a certain kind of diet and stimulation in order for them to shine. So, you start with the bare minimum and then move on up. First of all, make sure you are using a good shampoo that isn’t chalk full of unhealthy and damaging chemicals. Next, oiling is the best way to deal with dry, frizzy hair and it will help with your dandruff. Homemade protein masks are always better than store bought ones. Egg yolks and yogurt make for great hair mask ingredients. Massaging your scalp helps to stimulate your hair follicles and promote better hair growth. Lastly, try not to use harsh chemicals on your hair especially when you already have issues dealing with your hair in the first place.