Why You Should Avoid Cotton Buds

Cleaning out your ear is very important, but the way you do it also matters quite a bit. The vast majority of people use an ear bud or cotton bud to clean out their ear. This seems like a logical practice on the surface because these buds can remove quite a bit of the excess wax from your ear. However, there are two basic problems that are associated with the use of cotton buds.

First of all, cotton buds can be a little too good at their jobs. They clean up so much wax that barely any is left in your ear. You might think that this is a good thing but the wax is in your ear for a reason, it is there to protect the sensitive ear canal from dust which can cause quite abit of damage including a lot of serious infections. Cotton buds remove so much wax from your ear that the main line of defense for this very sensitive part of your body is gone, thus leaving you susceptible to all manner of illnesses and ailments!

Additionally, cotton buds penetrate your ear a little too deeply. Once the wax is gone, the cotton can become abrasive to the skin inside your ear. If any abrasions do occur, dust entering your ear that is not getting caught by ear wax can end up causing inflammation.

Instead of using cotton buds and putting yourself at risk, you should instead use an ear wax remover. These tools remove just the right amount of earwax without causing any sort of damage in your ear canal as long as you buy a high quality one from a reputed supplier. There is one website in particular where you can get an ear wax remover – FitzgeraldMuseum.