Why Do Cats Scratch Everything They See?

If you own a cat, then it is safe to say that you might have noticed a scratching habit that your cat has. Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with your cat, almost every feline you come across has this scratching habit, and what might seem like an annoying or cute thing to many is actually something that has scientific reasons behind that.

Before I start explaining why cats scratch, if you do not want your cat to scratch everything that comes in its way, you should just go ahead and invest in Smart Cat Ultimate Scratching Post. This will ensure that your cat leaves the other surfaces as they are and focus on something else. With that out of the way, below, you will see some of the reasons why cats scratch.

Marking Their Territories

There are scent glands that are found under the nails of cats, so when they are scratching the surface, they are practically leaving their scent and their marks on that place. This means that they are marking their territories. This helps them come back to their owners or the place where they live if they are at a distance, this also helps them know where to feel safe.

Grooming Themselves

Another reason why cats scratch is because the whole scratching process allows them to groom themselves with ease. Scratching gets rid of the outer layer of their nails, which can be unhealthy if left there for a long time. Thankfully, this can be resolved through scratching and gets all ready have the habit of doing that, so it is not an issue whatsoever.

If you have just got a cat, and you are worried about why a cat is scratching, you should not worry about the cat as this behavior is only natural.