What to Expect From Empire’s Latest Condo Project?

Empire Communities is a pretty big name in Toronto’s condominium industry, this company has designed and constructed a number of condos all across the city and have pleased everyone with every project. The company has a solid reputation when it comes to delivering quality and satisfaction, thanks to the ample experience that they have with condo designing, the company knows what to do in order to produce living spaces that fulfil their customers’ desires and let them enjoy the condo life to the fullest.

The company’s newest project this year is going to be Phoenix Condo Toronto, Etobicoke, Manitoba Street; a project with two buildings, 499 units and a design that plans on making the most out of Etobicoke’s famous natural beauty. Judging by the details that Empire Communities has provided on the Phoenix condo’s webpage, this condo is going to be a haven for anyone who loves luxury and natural beauty. There are going to be several amenities that the project will offer, each one will allow people to enjoy Etobicoke’s beauty to its fullest and live a very happy lifestyle.

One of the best things about this condo is that it is going to be really close to Toronto’s major spots, meaning that this condo will allow people to live the best of both worlds. For anyone who wants to invest in this project or buy a unit; prices are going to start from around $300,000 and go up as the project nears its finishing date (which is expected to be somewhere in 2022). Phoenix condos is going to provide people with the opportunity to live, shop and work while being able to enjoy an open-space residential lifestyle that is going to be incredibly soothing and relaxing for anyone who has lived in cities throughout their lives.