What is The Best Headphones Sound?

You hear audiophiles using jargon all the time to describe sound, but if you are new to this sort of thing you might feel a little lost. If you want to get good headphones, you need to understand what good sound is, and the first step to doing that is understanding clarity.

Those with a refined musical palette know that music is not just the vocals and lyrics, there is a complex musical tapestry that is being woven behind the singing that is important to listen to as well. A good pair of headphones would have the clarity to give you each element in full. No one instrument would overpower the mix, instead you would get the complete sound and would be able to focus on specific aspects of the song that you are listening to whenever you want to!

Clarity comes from a balance between the high end and low end. The low end needs to be crisp but thick, and the high end needs to be bright but not too sharp otherwise it would cancel out the bass. A good pair of headphones is always going to balance these two perfectly, and would have a healthy middle end to even everything out as well.

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