There is No Such Thing as a Worthless Car

There’s a reason why cars are very expensive, even when they’re old and no longer functional; they’re made of expensive materials. Think about all the metal your car’s body I made of and then there’s the upholstery and the plastic used on the dashboards and interior panels. Material value aside, there are many parts that can still be salvaged from an old and broken car and used to fix other cars.

Putting all of that into perspective, it makes no sense to just trash out a car that you’re no longer able to drive. It might cost too much for you to get it fixed but if you dump it somewhere, it’s just going to go into waste and that’s actually more expensive for you than you’d think. The longer a car stays dump, the farther down its value plunges and soon there comes a point where your car loses all its value and is basically just rubbish.

This is why we believe that it’s a better idea to sell car for scrap instead of putting it in a barn far away where it’s just going to become a shelter for stray dogs or maybe even be used to hide illegal substances (yes, that’s happened). If you’ve sold your damaged car or bike to the right company, they’ll do whatever they can to make sure that it’s put to good use again. In some cases, cars may still be saved and restored, especially if they’re rare models. Even if your scrap car isn’t deemed worthy of a collector’s attention, it can still be recycled to make more cars and many other products. Be smart about it and sell car for scrap instead of just dumping it.