The Most Comprehensive Selection of Socket Sets Online

A socket is basically a tool you can use for turning and tightening different kinds of bolts; for example, your car’s wheels are held in place by 4 or 5 bolts that are fastened into place using a bar with a suitable socket at the end which fits the bolt’s shape so you can turn it. This kind of work is made easier by the fact that sockets can now be attached to electric drill like power tools that turn them for you and you can get every possible size of a socket in a good socket set.

DIY socket sets are a necessity for any home based mechanic. Socket sets contain different sizes of socket bits and sockets and come in various sizes; small sets can contain around 13 pieces while larger, more professional sets can have anywhere around 500 pieces of varying sizes. These larger sets come in chests and trolleys and aren’t very portable, which is why you might have to pick out the pieces you need before you head over to a job.

Socket sets aren’t limited to only sockets since they usually have some non-socket bits such as spanners for manual turning as well. These non-socket pieces are very important parts of the set since sometimes you might have to turn two bots and you need one to stay in place while your socket bit takes care of the main nut in question.

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