The Cleanest Shave of All

People have been shaving their facial hair for over a thousand years and naturally, over this time people have invented numerous new ways for them to shave faster and cleaner with as little painful cuts and scrapes as possible. These days you can buy all kinds of shaving equipment that uses multiple blades to give you the closest shave possible. However, even though companies are trying to do whatever they can to improve their shaving technologies, the oldest method for shaving still holds its ground as the best, even today – the straight razor.

Let’s face it, no matter how many razors your shaving machine uses, when it comes to a clean shave, nothing does the job better than a straight razor with an incredibly sharp blade. Now there are many kinds of razors out there; some razors are disposable and they go in a handle that lets you use them on your face, these are very sharp and effective but they can leave cuts on your face if you’re not careful since the sharp blade is way too thin. If you’re looking for the closest shave possible without the risk of cutting and scrapping your skin into irritation, you should look for a high quality straight razor. These can get to every hard to reach angel on your face easily and since they get the job done in a single stroke, your skin doesn’t get scraped by having a razor run up and down it again and again.

Just as more high tech and fancy shaving equipment is coming out, there are companies out there who still focus their efforts on making the best straight razors. You can read more about these on this what is 180 review.