The Best 5 Manly Movies For You

Need some manly and badass movies to watch today? Then you are in a good time, because you have arrived to the best article possible. Here you will discover which the best 5 movies you can watch today are.

#1 – Fight Club:

Any doubt about it? This is one of the manliest movies out there and you have got to watch it. This movie is all about a classic office worker who craves for a change. He has insomnia, and this is one of the things that motivates him to change for something different and better.

He crosses his way with a dangerous soap maker, with who forms a clandestine fight club which evolves into something bigger than they can handle. If you are looking for violence and action, then this is the best movie you can watch right now. Completely recommended.

#2 – Predator:

This movie is pretty good because it features a team of commandos in the jungle of Central America. What they didn’t expect was to find an extraterrestrial warrior, which makes their mission far harder than it had to be.

The hunt begins and they are the prey. Will they survive? Will the hunter become the prey? Discover it by watching this manly and badass film today!

#3 – Gladiator:

Betrayed, humiliated and his family murdered by an emperor’s corrupt son. This general returns to Rome as a gladiator looking for only one thing: Revenge. This is one of the manliest and most action-full movies you will find in this world.

Here you will see how Maximus looks his way to obtain his revenge on this emperor’s corrupt son. Will he do it? Will he die on the trying? Discover all of this by watching this incredible film.

#4 – The Dark Knight:

The Joker is back and he won’t be satisfied till he causes all the havoc and chaos that he needs to. Only one person can stop him, and that’s the Dark Knight: Batman. This movie is one of the best for this super hero. Full of action and a great plot make this movie one of the best out there for men to watch.

If you are looking for a real classic, then here you have it. It was released in 2008 and till date it’s one of the best you can watch, so just go and do it.

#5 – Braveheart:

The history starts when Sir William Wallace’s secret bride assaults an English solider when trying to rape her. As a result he’s murdered, and this is when William Wallace starts his revolt and practically declares war to King Edward I of England.

This is a movie that is likely to make you cry. It’s full of action, braveness and courage. Not for nothing it was called Braveheart. A pretty good yet moving movie.

There you have it. These are the best movies you have to watch if you are looking for some excellent manly action, there you have them.