Taking Your Dogs For a Run

Running and other physical exercise is so important for our health, cardio not only keeps our overall health in shape but makes us look and feel good too, and that is applicable to our pets as well, your dog also needs some sort of cardio exercise in order to stay healthy, and what better than taking your dog for a run, now if you’ve never had a dog you would think how is it possible that a dog would behave itself while you and others are running with him, that doesn’t come naturally to any dog, even if it is a breed which is renowned for running, they would not follow and act upon your instructions, you would have to teach them that, training your dog to run with you and follow your instructions is absolutely crucial and easily teachable if you know what you are doing.

One important tip to get your dog all ready for long walks is to start taking your dog to shorter walks when he is young, make sure there are no health issues and once you get that clearance from the doctor you should take your young dog for a walk, they love it and they would try to play a lot and exhaust themselves but you stay in charge and don’t let that happen until your dog is all grown up and has been trained, our dogs face different joint and muscle pain just like we do from doing exercises without proper warm up or stretches, so what you must do is set the pace of the run accordingly and ensure that your dog is physically up for the task.

Training your dog to run with you can be made easy if you are fed with the right knowledge, click here to learn more.