Setting a Wedding Date

The day your partner proposes to you is one of the most important moments in your life. Love is by no means easy, marriage is even more difficult to manage, yet there is someone who knows all of this yet are still willing to want to spend the rest of their life with you. So, once you are finally engaged, your next step is to obviously get married. Of course you need to have a wedding for that first, which is pretty stressful to plan. However, before you get to any other details, it is important to first set a wedding date. This wedding date will also you a deadline when it comes to how long you have and whatnot.

When it comes to wedding dates, you need to consider a number of factors. First of all, if you want to have your wedding in an already decided venue like Crondon Park, you will have very selected dates to choose from depending on the availability of the venue and whether or not you are thinking to get married at peak season. You should also be considering what date and time will be most convenient for your guests because there isn’t much point to the celebration when more than half of your guests aren’t there to celebrate it with you. At the same time, avoid setting your date around public holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving etc. because people have other plans and it gets really crowded on the roads, making commuting to and from the venue really difficult.  Lastly, pick a date that is giving you enough time to get preparations done, for example setting a date that is just three weeks away is just going to be a source of stress because getting preparations done that quickly isn’t possible.