PTFE: The Best Medical Coating Option?

The field of medicine, like any other field, will always be changing and looking for new ways and innovations in order to improve their process. This is because we are constantly looking for different ways to improve how we handle different diseases, patients, and procedures. So, this involves doing things like coming up with new surgical procedures, creating new medicine, or introducing a different medical tool that can be used and so on.

Now, if we limit ourselves to medical equipment and tools, you will notice that medical coatings are also given a lot of thought as well. You will find a number of different types of medical grade coatings, and currently, PTFE coatings, along with low-friction medical coatings are growing increasingly popular in the field. This is because of their many unique properties that have been found to be greatly beneficial during medical procedures.

  • First of all, PTFE is hydrophilic in nature. So, any PTFE coated product will not absorb any liquid or get wet because of it. This is very important for invasive surgeries or for equipment that has to be placed in the body.
  • PTFE is also chemically inert in nature as well. So, PTFE does not react to anything that touches its surface, which is, once again, really important.
  • PTFE can be treated to become anti-microbial and can be sterilized properly as well. So, all PTFE medical products are clean and pose as no potential risk to patients.
  • PTFE also happen to be low-friction, this is what makes them a great option for catheters and others tubes and similar products because they do not bring in any resistance with them.
  • PTFE products do not have to be softened up or require any lubrication in order to perform their tasks properly