Professional Pet Sitters vs. Untrained Sitters

Not of all of us have the luxury of having enough time to spend with our dogs or other pets, in fact, a lot of adults are too busy with their work and other priorities to be able to attend to them the way we want to. Sometimes our work even makes us have to leave our house and go to a different city for a couple of days.

Now during this time, we cannot just leave our pet alone at home. So, we either send them to a vet or other animal housing center for the time or have a friend or family watch over them while we are gone. However, some people strongly recommended having a professional pet sitter handle them instead. First of all, with a pet sitter, your dog will not have to deal with the unnecessary anxiety of having to go to a new environment, which can put them under a lot of distress. Similarly, your pet sitter will be informed of your pet’s exact diet and exercise routine and they will follow it in the same fashion, so your dog’s routine is not disrupted. So, they will act as their caretaker, their dog walker and whatever else necessary. This is something that cannot be guaranteed with untrained sitters and family members.

Since your pet is under the same care, routine and diet under a professional sitter, there will not be any risk of infection or illness. Since pet trainers have the necessary knowledge and experience, they can adjust to your pet’s personality and temperament, which once again is something untrained individuals will not be familiar with. They will also be able to quickly spot any problems in your pet’s health, which family or friends might not be able to. So, there is an assurance that comes with knowing a professional is taking care of them.