No Vow of Silence

It’s a common knowledge that along with books and movies, video games have remained a major source of entertainment which combines aspects of both movies and books into one. Many video games in the world have stories that are better than some best-selling books, though that would be left to an individual’s discretion, and unlike books but very much like movies, you get to see the cinematics and actions of the characters involved with the game. Not just that, you can to play as them and in many types of games, make decisions as if you were that character yourself.

These kinds of games are called Roleplaying games where you take on another persona and proceed to interact with the world with how you think the character would develop as. Some of them can have you make truly excruciating decisions as well. But gaming can also be very pure and simple and not involve anything about a story or world beyond that. Just nice, pure arcade fun is also something that many people enjoy mindlessly indulging in at times as well. The xbox360 arcade gaming scene is incredible in this forefront and you can find many casual as well as truly difficult hardcore games for all kinds of gamers.

There’s also the prospect of making money through video gaming. A lot of developers are looking for testers to come and try out their game and give feedback as well as discover bugs that are occurring through the gameplay. Releasing an unfinished game usually is a nightmare for a ton of people and that’s why there are some dedicated gamers are willing to dedicate their time to work out the kinks and help patch out the bugs for their favourite developers before they make a mistake.