Island Hopping: Choosing Your Travel Guide

It is important to remember that careful preparation and planning is an important part of making sure that your vacation and trip go well. This principle applies to every other aspect of our lives as well. Regardless, if you happen to be planning an island hopping tour in the Philippines, it is strongly recommended to get it done from an agency rather than going around and doing it yourself because the locals can charge you much higher since you won’t have the necessary knowledge or connections.

Now, while it is recommended to get everything done through an agency and a proper guide, you want to make sure that you pick the right guide or boat for your Cebu island hopping tour.

  • First of all, you need to debate between whether you want a local boat to take you on your tour or if you want to go on a cruise ship. Of course the price points are drastically different here and so will the services offered. If you are looking for more comfort, especially if you are travelling with family, we recommend opting for an island hopping cruise.
  • Ask them whether or not they have any leeway when it comes to docking the cruise and letting you go off-shore for a while. Most island hopping trips don’t dock or get off the boat. So if you really have your heart set on stopping at a particular island or beach for a while, find out if they can do that for you.
  • Make sure that you get all the necessary costs and charges written clearly so that you know what you are paying for and so that you won’t end up having to pay a higher amount in the end because of ambiguity regarding their charges.