Interesting Ways to Prank Your Colleagues Easily

Have you always wanted to prank your colleagues but did not know the right way to do so? If so, you are in the right place as we will be telling you about different ways you can achieve this goal of yours and laugh till your stomach hurts. Even if you are working somewhere as a professional, it does not mean that you cannot prank your fellow workers because work without some laughs can be life threateningly boring.

We are not talking about practical jokes which leaves someone in tears, we are talking about non-damaging fun that everyone can laugh at, including the targeted person.

If you do not like someone in your office and want to pull off a clever prank on them then you can purchase WTF candles from the company called Prank Candles and give to your colleague. You can even gift your rude boss a prank candle and enjoy when the boss first enjoys the nice smell but then gags because of the nasty one. Prank Candles sells a lot of things and some of them are actually great like apple pie candle, rose scented candle and much more.

Tin Foil Everything
It is a time taking prank but all of your colleagues can gather together and do this prank by covering everything and every surface in tin foil but do it when the boss is not there so that you do not get caught but when he/she does come back, he/she will have all work stopped and you might even get a day off.

Balloons Everywhere
Another great way to prank your colleagues and boss is to fill the whole office with balloons. When the office is empty, take some friends along and place balloons everywhere.