How is Pilates Any Different From Yoga? Which One Should I Choose?

In today’s world, there are 10s of millions of people across the world who involve in activities such as yoga and Pilates across the globe. The two mentioned training methods may seem very similar to each other, especially from the looks of it, but they are slightly different on some levels.


Yoga is quite a vast and open category with a lot of different styles involved, across different cultures. It can either be very slow and soothing or quite vigorous. Usually targets to enhance your overall body endurance and also has a lot of focus on your spiritual training.


Pilates, on the other hand, is a different ballgame in the same stadium. It is more focused on muscle strengthening as well as balance, core, and flexibility training. Flexibility may also be a part of yoga, but pilates is usually more physically intense as well as more regular and structured.

Which is Better?

To be honest, neither of them is better than the other. A lot of people practice both to master both arts. But if you are generally concerned about your health, want to relax your mind and body, focus on looking better than before, becoming stronger, more flexible to improve an easier old life, improve your balance, then Pilates might just be the things for you.

Although yoga is great but not many people can actually understand and embody what it sets out to target. Pilates is like a bridge between that and going to training for the body such as gymnasts. It requires tremendous strength and definitely gives you a good workout.

Pilates can even be therapeutic and wellness centers such as Health Inspire are quite famous for teaching it professionally, individually or in classes, in Atlanta, Georgia.