Here’s Why You Should Get a Shower Speaker Instead

Different people have different kinds of talents; some people are great at paintings, others can write real well and some are very gifted in sports, but if there’s one talent that every human being has is that we’re all great bathroom singers. The good acoustics of the bathroom walls combined with the fact that you get to feel nice and alone in there will either put you in a deep brooding mood where you’ll start pondering over your existence or you’ll just want to pretend that your shampoo bottle in you mic and start singing – either ways, you’ll want music in the back.

A lot of us just play bathroom music on our phones, which does a reasonable job in keeping us entertained but there’s a huge risk attached to it – you could ruin your phone. Let’s say that you’re having a hot steamy shower and that your phone is on your counter, playing music; the moisture from the steam can ruin your phone very easily and even if you have a water proof phone, there’s still a chance of your phone dropping.

If you really enjoy your music in the shower, you should invest in the best bluetooth shower speaker out there as soon as possible. These speakers are very durable and have a decent IP certification against dust and water, in addition to being heavily armoured so that they don’t take damage from falling. This makes them very versatile too; if you can take it with you into your shower, you can take it anywhere.

Bluetooth speakers are easy to use in general and despite their size, they really know how to deliver powerful music with great clarity and bass; so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t get one already.