Get Better Looking Teeth Via Dental Bonding

The name dental bonding might not give away much but we are going to so that the readers who want to improve the appearance of their teeth can benefit from this great procedure. It is called dental bonding because it is a procedure during which plastic resin is bonded to the teeth. Now you might be wondering why would someone want plastic to be stuck to their teeth? The thing is that it is no ordinary plastic, the resin is the color of teeth and it is bonded to the surface so that it might improve the look of the teeth which it does by covering up the stained portions of teeth and giving the illusion of white teeth.

The word illusion might have put you off but a great thing about dental bonding is that it easily lasts between 3 to 10 years depending on the quality of the resin plastic, quality of procedure, dentist and after care by the patient. Any Midtown dentist Atlanta or others can perform this procedure but if you wish to know more about it, let us give you some important information.

Pain Free And Quick

Other than the main advantage of the procedure making teeth look great, the whole thing takes around half an hour only and since it is painless, no anesthesia is given to the patient.

After Care

After care is important but you do not need to worry since it is very easy. You would need to take care of your dental bonded teeth like you take care of your other treat via brushing, flossing and using mouth wash. One additional thing is that you should do is not eat hard food because it runs the risk of chipping the bonding or damaging it.