Fresh Hydration For The Feline

We care deeply for the pets we keep and only want what’s best for them. Our pets depend on us for food, water and love and therefore need more of our attention than what we’re capable of giving them. As working individuals, we’re not even home half of the day and our pets wait for us to return so they can cuddle up to you and be given food and drink.

If your work keeps you away from your dear cats half the day there’s two things you can do to make up for your absence; first you need to spend quality time with your cats when you’re home to make up for all the time you were away and second, you need to make sure that your cats have a fresh supply of water while you’re away. Cats have a bad habit of walking into their water bowls, causing the water to go dirty or simply spilling the water everywhere. Cats will be cats and they’ll do this no matter what. If you’re home, you can replace their water immediately but if this happens while you’re away, your cat might not have water for long hours. This can be very troublesome since your pet needs to stay hydrated with fresh clean water.

This is troublesome for pet owners who are away but if you invest in a cat drinking fountain, your problem can be solved. These fountains make sure that your cat has the cleanest water to drink around the clock. They can’t step into the fountain and the shape of the fountain is such that it’s almost impossible for your cat to topple over even if it really tried. This way you can have clean and circulated water available for your feline whenever thirst kicks in.