Finding Your Favourite Drink

Growing up you are always waiting to reach the age where you will be able to drink alcohol legally. You will always be waiting on that first sip of beer just so you can see what all the hype is about. You will also have been bombarded with the advertisements of various large beer companies. You will know all the big names like Heineken, Budweiser, and Smirnoff ice and in the start that is what you will mostly be drinking.

As you age you will realize that these drinks aren’t all that great and are more or less really watery concoctions that hardly do anything or have too much of a taste. Graduating from college you will find out what different types of beer are offered around different bars and how great some home brews can be. Normally they will cost you a bit more but once you have had it you will feel like you have more or less wasted all your money on the big name canned beers.

A lot of bars in Perth will make their own drinks and you will find that the feel of the beer is crisper, the scent is stronger, and the taste is prominent and not watery or mild. Bars like the Gramercy Bar and Kitchen, which you can find online at, make an active effort to make more and more home brews of beer that their customers can enjoy with new flavours and taste undertones. You can find a number of different lagers and ales from bars like the Gramercy bar and kitchen and you can ask the bar tender what to expect with each drink. You should pay attention to what undertone flavours you enjoyed more than others and you will always have an idea of what kind of beer you like.