Evolution of Philanthropy Through the Use of Social Media

People tend to underestimate the power that social media has nowadays, what they do not realize is that there are a ton of benefits in them. We will be talking about the benefits and the way it has evolved the world of philanthropy but first you need to acknowledge the fact that almost every single person in the world now has a smartphone which automatically means that they have social media accounts and one way or another, the news does spread out like forest wildfire. Now with that out of the way you really need to think strategically and remember that in order to be able to access masses you need to make sure that you go about it in different strategies and target a set population before you nose dive into making all social media accounts for philanthropic reasons.

The first thing you need to do is learn from what others have done and that is why we would like to highly recommend that you check out Joe Klunder on LinkedIn and go through it thoroughly and then go through their different social media accounts once you have observed several other accounts of different people you will be able to make up your own strategy. Following are the important evolutionary points of philanthropy through the use of social media, check them out below.


In order to be able to market rightfully you need to remember that all social medias are not used by people of all age groups, if you are about to recruit volunteers then first strategize the kind of population you are targeting and then use the specific social media account for it and link others to it, overdoing it can also be a problem in itself.