Everything Car Speakers

Once you finally get a car of your own, you cannot help but be excited because it means that you are now able to move around conveniently without having to rely on other or public transport all the time. Of course one thing we fail to realize once we get a car, is that we will end up spending a lot of money over the years tuning and replacing different parts of the car, which is normal as the car age. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that our car’s audio system also require tuning from time to time, and once sounds start appearing muddy and distorted, it might be time to get new speakers for your car.

If you aren’t familiar with car speakers or setups, there are mainly two different kinds of setups, namely Component and Full Range speaker systems. In the case of Component speakers, there are multiple drivers that are set up at different locations in the vehicle, so the sound isn’t localized to one place. The three main speaker drivers are mid-ranges, tweeters and the woofers, all of which produce different kinds of sounds at different frequencies. They are the more expensive of the two systems and are considered to be a more popular option.

Full Range speakers on the other hand, only have one driver, so all the different sound frequencies come from the same place, which makes sounds a bit more distorted or unclear, not picking up different frequencies as well. They are considered to be the standard factory audio system and are easily available. They also happen to be the more affordable option of the two. Ultimately, your decision depends on how much music you listen to in your car and how much clarity matters to you as you drive.