Eating The Hog

Now I am someone who really likes to sit down for a nice meal, I look forward to days where I can get my formal gear out and go to a fancy restaurant to have a three course meal, start off with a some great appetizers, maybe a little bit of finely aged wine with a steak, and then end with some elaborately made desert as I either celebrate something or just feel like having something a little fancier on date night. I really do enjoy a good fancy meal made by a chef in a posh restaurant, but at other times I want nothing more than to sit down to a nice, filling meal of pork belly and bacon as I gorge myself on the wonderful taste of nice crispy crackling pork. Now whenever I need my fix of crackles, there is only one place I know that I can order from that will make sure that my pork is made exactly right, and I also have a wide variety of options of how I want my food made, and that place is Mr Crackles Sydney, the one stop shop for all your pork belly needs.

Now whenever I do order from Mr Crackles Sydney I am in the mood for a comfortable night, where I want lounge about in front of the TV, watch some football, crack open a cold can of beer and just eat myself silly with the food that I have ordered. With Mr Crackles Sydney you get a lot of variety with what you want to get too, you can try something absolutely new and get a bit of a Hong Kong styled honey and BBQ sauce flavor, or you could stick to the classic slow roast with multiple spices, whatever your type this place has you covered.