Dentures: Types And Uses

Dental professionals nowadays aim on providing the highest level of satisfaction to the clients that visit their clinics. People who have few or more missing teeth from the jaw suffer from serious functionality issues such as improper chewing process and weaken roots of the teeth. Before applying the denture, your dentist might remove few teeth that are already present in the jaw but have cavities spread all over them. If these cavities make contact with the lower surface of tooth, this can cause serious pain to the person because they can easily damage the nerves surrounding the roots. Once dentures are applied, it would take some time for you to get adjusted to them as they can pose some pressure over your lips and gums.

Nowadays people who are just in their early thirties can suffer from teeth loss due to various factors such as diet and genetic disorders. After examining the condition of your dental structure, you dentist might suggest you to select partial or full dentures. Usually the older individuals have to apply full dentures because most of the teeth from their gums are lost and they have no option but to replace them all. Partial dentures on the other hand, allow you to have your original teeth which have not yet fallen out and they also provide additional support to your remaining teeth.

If you are searching for best dentist in Florence SC, then you can find related dental experts on the website of MH Dentistry now. After taking accurate impressions of your tooth structure, your dentist would construct dentures that are suitable for your specific case. As the entire object is fitted with your gums you might feel uncomfortable during the first few days but get used to them after wearing them every day.