Common Misconceptions About Africa That People Have in Their Mind

Whenever you or someone you know is making travel plans for their holidays, you might notice that most people would make plans or talk about traveling across the globe except that they usually skip over a few places and sometimes the entire continent as well i.e. Africa. Mostly there are specific perceptions that they have in their mind about the continent because of the things that they see on television and the articles that they read on the internet, but most of them never bother to confirm whether the statements they read or heard are based on facts or just plain lies, and that is how the generalizations and misconceptions regarding Africa become really widespread.

Since this is the case, you really cannot draw a truer picture of the country unless you go there yourself and visit the African countries or else you will always stick to the misconceptions that you have heard about the continent. Today, we will be looking at some of the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding Africa so that you can visit it next time. If you are planning a trip then you should follow this link as it will help you a lot, Following are a few of the misconceptions related to Africa that people have in their minds.

It is a Country

Now you might be wondering why we said that, well according to the former US President Bush in a press statement he referred to Africa as a single nation which is not true. It is a diverse and enormous continent that consists of more than fifty independent countries and nations, having their own language, music, culture and currency, etc. Overall in Africa, the number of spoken languages being spoken are over 2000 and has 3000 plus ethnic groups.