Causes of Jammed Fingers That You Should Know About

If we take a look at the causes, you will realize that there are so many different reasons as to why you could get a jammed finger, and most of the time it occurs due to an accident so never are these circumstances ever pleasant and actually quite painful and can cause a lot of terrible discomfort. The most common occurrence of jammed finger is if you ever bend or try to move your finger in any sort of unnatural way, either backwards or sideways, either way it has to be a very unnatural position for it to do some damage. In medical jargon it is known as hyper-extension of finger and if we talk in laymen terms then it is basically a dislocation of the finger.

For people who have a strong stomach and do not shy away from gore, you can always go on the internet and search up the graphic images of dislocated fingers which causes tendon damage or you could just read about how and why it ever occurs. Following are some of the most major causes of jammed fingers that you should know about, check them out below.

Most of the time emergency room of the hospitals receive jammed finger during sport seasons, it could be any sport like boxing and baseball, etc. You might have noticed that boxers tend to have these wraps of cloth around there knuckles and fingers, it is to keep their fingers steady and not let them bend at a funny angle which might result into them ending up in an ER. Another thing which might confuse people is that while boxers using extremely heavy gloves, is something a lot of people might not understand, it is because the force they apply in order to punch a bag needs a buffer i.e. the boxing gloves.