Best 5 Action Movies For This Weekend

Looking for some excellent action movies for this weekend? Then this list is going to help you greatly. Because here we are going to share with you 5 excellent picks.

We have already shared with you 5 manly movies and 5 sci-fi movies you can watch on Netflix. With this new article you will have more than enough to watch for weeks to come. And now, without anything more to add, we invite you to keep reading.

#1 – Cobra:

Featuring Stallone, this is one of the best action films you will ever watch. As a tough cop, Stallone must protect the only surviving witness to a strange, weird and dangerous cult with sinister plans. This movie has a great plot, tons of bullets, lots of action and a pretty dramatic ending. Are you ready for knock your socks off? Then this movie is just perfect for you.

It’s only 87-minute long. Not much nor too less, just the perfect amount of movie action.

#2 – Mad Max:

A world full of havoc and chaos. Are there rightful and good men out there? Maybe not good men, but men who try to do the right things. And one of them is an Australian policeman who does it all to stop a cruel motorcycle gang. Like a punisher, this policeman will do everything that’s on his hands to stop the evil ways of this gang. Will he do it? Will he perish? Discover it in Mad Max!

#3 – Scarface:

Cigars, bullets, greed, blood, action and a Cuban immigrant. It tells the history of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who does it to take over a drug cartel and take total control in Miami. This movie directed by Brian de Palma is a real classic and you will enjoy every single moment out of it.

Here you will see how a determined immigrant takes over a drug cartel and ends up fighting with his own greed. Will he succumb? Will he succeed? You will have to watch Scarface in order to discover this and far more.

#4 – Top Gun:

In a complete competition to prove who’s the best, a student from the United States Navy’s elite fighter weapons schools learns many cool and interesting things from an outsider instructor, things that he could have never learnt in his school.

If you like airplanes, speed and action, then you are going to love Top Gun, one of the best action movies ever created.

#5 – The Untouchables:

This is the history of Eliot Ness, a federal agent with a clear and solid mission: Capture Al Capone. Corruption makes things harder than they had to be, therefore, he has to create a cherry-picked team to get the job done. A small yet powerful team to get done with Al Capone. Will they do it? Will they succeed in their mission? These are questions that shall be solved if you decide to watch The Untouchables. More than 1 hour full of action.

The Best 5 Manly Movies For You

Need some manly and badass movies to watch today? Then you are in a good time, because you have arrived to the best article possible. Here you will discover which the best 5 movies you can watch today are.

#1 – Fight Club:

Any doubt about it? This is one of the manliest movies out there and you have got to watch it. This movie is all about a classic office worker who craves for a change. He has insomnia, and this is one of the things that motivates him to change for something different and better.

He crosses his way with a dangerous soap maker, with who forms a clandestine fight club which evolves into something bigger than they can handle. If you are looking for violence and action, then this is the best movie you can watch right now. Completely recommended.

#2 – Predator:

This movie is pretty good because it features a team of commandos in the jungle of Central America. What they didn’t expect was to find an extraterrestrial warrior, which makes their mission far harder than it had to be.

The hunt begins and they are the prey. Will they survive? Will the hunter become the prey? Discover it by watching this manly and badass film today!

#3 – Gladiator:

Betrayed, humiliated and his family murdered by an emperor’s corrupt son. This general returns to Rome as a gladiator looking for only one thing: Revenge. This is one of the manliest and most action-full movies you will find in this world.

Here you will see how Maximus looks his way to obtain his revenge on this emperor’s corrupt son. Will he do it? Will he die on the trying? Discover all of this by watching this incredible film.

#4 – The Dark Knight:

The Joker is back and he won’t be satisfied till he causes all the havoc and chaos that he needs to. Only one person can stop him, and that’s the Dark Knight: Batman. This movie is one of the best for this super hero. Full of action and a great plot make this movie one of the best out there for men to watch.

If you are looking for a real classic, then here you have it. It was released in 2008 and till date it’s one of the best you can watch, so just go and do it.

#5 – Braveheart:

The history starts when Sir William Wallace’s secret bride assaults an English solider when trying to rape her. As a result he’s murdered, and this is when William Wallace starts his revolt and practically declares war to King Edward I of England.

This is a movie that is likely to make you cry. It’s full of action, braveness and courage. Not for nothing it was called Braveheart. A pretty good yet moving movie.

There you have it. These are the best movies you have to watch if you are looking for some excellent manly action, there you have them.

The Best 5 Sci-Fi Movies You Can Find on Netflix

Is your inner geek knocking the door? Don’t know what to watch on Netflix? Then this listing is going to help you. Because here you are going to discover the best 5 sci-fi movies on Netflix. Cool, right? Just keep reading and discover which ones we are talking about.

#1 – Fire in The Sky:

That’s what you could call: “Oldie but goldie”. Released in 1993, this movie is still one of the best ones in the sci-fi genre.

Directed by Robert Lieberman, the movie is centered on Travis Walton, who claims to have been abducted by aliens in 1975. This is where the director got the inspiration to create Fire in the Sky.

This movie is all about how insignificant we are on a cosmic scale. How superior other civilizations are and how small we are in comparison to them. If you are looking for horror with aliens, existential crisis and an excellent history, then you are going to enjoy this movie.

#2 – Hard to Be a God:

Directed by Aleksei German. This Russian production is inspired on the book of the same title written by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

It’s all about 30 scientists who visit a planet who happens to be very similar to the Earth, but with the difference that they are centuries behind us in all senses, especially technologically and culturally.

The planet is stuck on the middle ages because they kill everyone who is an intellectual. If you are looking for a pretty interesting sci-fi movie, then here you have a great choice.

#3 – World of Tomorrow:

This 16-minute mini-movie was created and directed by Don Hertzfeldt. Here you will get a glimpse of what the future looks like. Here you will see it all: Artificial intelligence, space travel, time travel and more. All in figures which seem weird yet are stick and full of colors, all of this from the perspective of a little girl known as Emily.

A pretty exotic yet interesting movie you have got to watch on Netflix.

#4 – Young Ones:

This film directed by Jake Paltrow is situated in a post-apocalyptic scenario in the United States of America. Here people don’t kill for oil or money, they do it for water. Here you will see the history of Ernest Holm and his family and how they survive in a cruel world.

If you are looking for a pretty good film in a post-apocalyptic scenario then here you have it.

#5 – Monsters:

This movie directed by Gareth Edwards features giant monsters with tentacles, after a NASA probe crashes in Mexico as a result of an accident. It follow the journey of Andrew Kaulder to take his team out of the infected zone in Mexico back to the US. A very interesting movie to watch on Netflix.

So here you have it. These are the best 5 movies to watch on Netflix in the sci-fi genre, totally recommended for you.