Catamaran vs. Traditional Boats

The sailboat experience is essential for anyone who likes traveling and if you like traveling then one of the best things you can do to guarantee yourself a great adventure experience is to go out to sea for your holidays. There are many kinds of crafts that you can board to enjoy a nice cruise but in this page, we’ll be talking about one in particular – the Catamaran.

Unlike the traditional sail boat, the Catamaran has two hulls instead of one, because of which it enjoys a handful of benefits over the traditional mono hull boat. We’ll look into a few reasons why the catamaran is better than boats with a single hull over here and why you might want to board one of these when you go talk to a boat hire company in Sydney like Eastcoast Sailing. Here are a few.

More Space
Because a cat has two hulls instead of one, its centre of gravity is pretty well spread. What that basically means is that it’s possible to have a larger platform between the two hulls. There’s more room on a cat both above and below deck and since there are two separate hulls, there’s more privacy in terms of sleeping quarters.

More Stability
The twin hull design of a cat makes it far steadier than the traditional boat; a lot of people feel sea sick due to the irregular motion of the boat and they also tire out pretty quit because of how they’re constantly fighting against gravity, but in a catamaran, this isn’t a problem. The catamaran holds out better against rough tides and it can float in shallow waters as well.

The design of the catamaran is such that it has pretty good aerodynamics, making it a faster boat.