Blinds or Shutters: What Works Better

Curtains and drapes are now considered to be outdated and newer home designs now focus on other alternatives like window blinds or shutters. You can find blinds Perth and shutters easily at your home improvement stores. Both of them carry their own set of advantages and setbacks each of which will be discussed below.

Blinds can be found in a variety of materials ranging from plastic to metal and now the ever popular wooden blinds and their cheaper alternative faux blinds. You can find them in a variety of colors and you can even customize your blinds according to your needs, this way they are able to blend and incorporate into every kind of theme and interior effortlessly. You also have the option of choosing the type of your blind, this includes vertical, roller, pleated etc. They provide a softer and more natural look to your interior.

However, they are not as durable as shutters, especially fabric blinds since they are more susceptible to UV damage. Another setback with blinds Perth, is that they also require more time to clean.

Shutters work in every kind of home be it a more traditional interior or a modern contemporary interior. They still allow some light and air to pass through keeping the room nicely lit. They can be fitted into any kind of window shape and size. They also require less maintenance and minimum effort to clean as well. They are not as easily affected or damaged like blinds, making them more durable and long lasting. They also help to increase the overall market worth of the house and add more curb appeal.

Shutters on the other hand, are more expensive when compared to blinds and they tend to take up more space than blinds as well.