Best 5 Action Movies For This Weekend

Looking for some excellent action movies for this weekend? Then this list is going to help you greatly. Because here we are going to share with you 5 excellent picks.

We have already shared with you 5 manly movies and 5 sci-fi movies you can watch on Netflix. With this new article you will have more than enough to watch for weeks to come. And now, without anything more to add, we invite you to keep reading.

#1 – Cobra:

Featuring Stallone, this is one of the best action films you will ever watch. As a tough cop, Stallone must protect the only surviving witness to a strange, weird and dangerous cult with sinister plans. This movie has a great plot, tons of bullets, lots of action and a pretty dramatic ending. Are you ready for knock your socks off? Then this movie is just perfect for you.

It’s only 87-minute long. Not much nor too less, just the perfect amount of movie action.

#2 – Mad Max:

A world full of havoc and chaos. Are there rightful and good men out there? Maybe not good men, but men who try to do the right things. And one of them is an Australian policeman who does it all to stop a cruel motorcycle gang. Like a punisher, this policeman will do everything that’s on his hands to stop the evil ways of this gang. Will he do it? Will he perish? Discover it in Mad Max!

#3 – Scarface:

Cigars, bullets, greed, blood, action and a Cuban immigrant. It tells the history of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who does it to take over a drug cartel and take total control in Miami. This movie directed by Brian de Palma is a real classic and you will enjoy every single moment out of it.

Here you will see how a determined immigrant takes over a drug cartel and ends up fighting with his own greed. Will he succumb? Will he succeed? You will have to watch Scarface in order to discover this and far more.

#4 – Top Gun:

In a complete competition to prove who’s the best, a student from the United States Navy’s elite fighter weapons schools learns many cool and interesting things from an outsider instructor, things that he could have never learnt in his school.

If you like airplanes, speed and action, then you are going to love Top Gun, one of the best action movies ever created.

#5 – The Untouchables:

This is the history of Eliot Ness, a federal agent with a clear and solid mission: Capture Al Capone. Corruption makes things harder than they had to be, therefore, he has to create a cherry-picked team to get the job done. A small yet powerful team to get done with Al Capone. Will they do it? Will they succeed in their mission? These are questions that shall be solved if you decide to watch The Untouchables. More than 1 hour full of action.