Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

There are some diseases that you get every once in a while but can make a full recovery from and forget about. Arthritis, however, is not one of such diseases. If you or someone you know suffers from this condition that causes joints to get inflamed, they’re living through a world of hurt every day. Fortunately though, with care, the symptoms of arthritis can be managed and it’s possible for patients to live a comfortable life as long as they’re careful.

Unlike those who don’t have arthritis, patients need to be very careful that they’re sleeping in a position that keeps them from getting in pain. Thanks to Purple’s Adjustable bed for arthritis patients though, it’s possible for patients to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the reasons why Dr. Ho recommends Purple.

Regulates Blood Flow

Did you know that for the human body to get the optimum blood flow at night, it’s important to keep the feet up to a foot elevated from heart level? The Purple Adjustable bed just does this and thereby, it also helps promote healing all over the body since a good blood flow is important for a healthy and healing body.

Better Weight Distribution

When you’re sleeping on a flat mattress’s surface, there are certain parts of your body that are in contact with the mattress while others aren’t. This adjustable bed fills in these gaps and snugly holds your body in position, this keeps the body in place and minimizes the triggering of painful pressure points.

Increased Comfort

Medical benefits aside, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and thanks to how well this mattress works in cushioning the sleeper, it’s the best that arthritis patients can get in terms if a good night’s sleep.