Advantages of Using Swish Plastic Glasses

When it comes to drinkware, we all have some goblets, flutes and other kind of wineglasses packed up somewhere in the attic. If you are someone who is a germ phobe or just like things to be sanitary then you should know that the drinkware in the bars aren’t really sanitized or completely clean and free of germs to begin with. However, with the new inventions every single day, we have different alternatives now, you might be thinking of disposable plastic glasses, but there is another better alternative that goes by the name of swish plastic.

This is a company that creates plastic that is superior to any other form of plastic items because of the usage of Tritan Plastic in it which basically enables the final product to look as if it is real glass, Tritan Plastic is one of those plastics that is great because it does not have a lot of chemical elements that normal plastic does like BPA and BPS, etc. You can find drinkware products made from Swish Plastic at the following website and you can check out the advantages of using such products as follows.


The plates and glasses made with this material basically are dent, stain and scratch resistant for a very long time. They are quite possibly impossible to break and shatter which is why this elements add an extra value to the products.

Does Not Have Any Odor

Another great thing about it is that when you wash and clean it, it will still remain odorless unlike other plastic products that really catch on to the odor.

Safe For The Environment

A major reason for you to invest in it would be that they are safe for environment and do not have harsh chemicals which is a plus.